Heading to Ghana: The Afronation Version

It’s been on my mind to share a few tips of my time in Ghana in case you need to do extra activities from just Afronation. So I went ahead and recorded a video for YouTube which was a not so great attempt at video editing and to be honest I feel it’s just not for me. So I’ll stick to the good old blogging!


Ladies and Gentlemen of Afronation, here are a few things you can do while in Ghana.

Kakum National Park

This has always been a go-to visit for me. The park is home to a good number of monkeys, trees, and has a canopy walk of 7 bridges which keeps increasing in height till you get to the 7th bridge. It’s a great work out I must say.

Viisting Nomad in Ghana, 2017


The last 2 times I visited Ghana, I stayed at Frankies Hotel in Oxford Street, Osu. To get to Cape Coast on time, It’s best to set out as early as 6:30-7am because it’s a 3-4 hour journey. From the hotel, you can get a cab to the bus park and get a Ford Bus which is a faster means of transportation. Also, I always want to go as local as possible when I travel so the Ford Bus gives me a chance to engage with locals heading to Cape Coast for several other reasons. Once you get to Cape Coast, you can get another cab to take you around. In a day, you can visit the park and the castle. If you plan to extend your activities to the beach in Cape Coast, then I recommend you spend the night.

Cape Coast Castle

This is a whole experience on its own. One I did on the 2 occasions when I visited for vacation. By the second visit, they had made some upgrades to the place providing a more immersive experience. This got my attention on my second visit. According to our all-time fave, Wikipedia, the castle is one of the 40 slave castles in Ghana and one of the largest castles asides Elmina castle. If you plan to visit Elmina, I also recommend you get a hotel in Cape Coast as you can comfortably do 2 of the cape coast activities in a day.

At the castle, you will be taken on an in-depth journey of how people were treated, housed, punished, the gate of no return, the fact that there was a church right above one of the dungeons still amazes me till date.

After the tour, you can stop by to buy a few of the hand made products there if you like.

Labadi beach

I had no idea this would bang and here’s why. The first time I visited, it seemed like they had an event the previous night and hadn’t cleaned the beach. It was such a mess. I walked in and immediately walked out. However, I decided to give the beach a second try and it was perfect!

A whole lot neater and the food was pretty good! It was relaxing for us really. So if you are looking to take a walk by the water, gist with friends and try the Ghana Jollof, then I absolutely recommend.

Light House

This was an interesting experience for my friend and I. At about 7:30pm, we decided to visit the lighthouse to get some good pictures and in all our excitement, we hadn’t seen the sign saying not to take pictures. While we were busy being tourists, we almost got into real trouble. A few minutes into our arrival at the location, a group of very well built men started chasing us and yelling at us. Luckily for us, our Uber was waiting and we were able to rush into the car. My friend captured this fire shot so the adrenalin was worth it, I guess.

Ghana, the visiting nomad

I don’t recommend you do this though

Try Local food

This is an absolute yes for me. If you do not have food allergies, I absolutely think it’s a great idea to try some local food. Again, if you do not have food allergies, I think the worst thing is that you end up hating it but keeping the experience.


Well, that’s all I have for now guys. Do have fun and stay safe!