Pre Travel Series: Heading to Dubai

Pre-Travel Series the visiting nomad

Heading over to Dubai for the second time! Well, this time, I plan to stay longer and immerse myself in the entire process.



Here is what my Itinerary looks like.

Visit the Gold Souq

So I did not get to visit the last time as I literally went to Dubai for 24 hours! (Do not Judge!). This is surely how I plan to be. They are not ready for meeee! lol!

The Safari

This is a “must do” this time. I did not have enough hours then but now… Like I said, Dubai isn’t ready!

The Burj Khalifa

I visited the last time (I had no plans on blogging). What’s the point if I don’t get to capture the experience just for you 😉

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

This time, I plan to participate in shark feeding! I mean, what’s the point if you don’t get some thrill while exploring!

Sky Diving

Every time I travel, I have this as an activity but I somehow don’t end up taking that leap. Let’s see what Dubai has to offer with this. Fingers crossed

I can’t wait to actually experience Dubai better!