Best Places to Spend Your Christmas Holiday

It’s that time of the year again! For some it’s harmattan, others, snow but one thing brings it all together- Christmas!!!

I looked around and thought to myself, “it’s only fair I bring the Christmas cheer and show you a number of ‘must-go’ places this Christmas”. So if you are thinking of where to travel to this month, hop on this little sleigh with me as I bring you December’s top places to visit for Christmas.

Nuremberg, Germany

Every year, Nuremburg, Germany’s Christmas city opens its stalls to visitors from across the world. If you are looking to shop your heart out and still bask in the euphoria of the season, you should definitely be here.

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Santa Claus Village, Finland

So, you went on to tell your kids Santa is real and now they know you were bluffing but you need to keep their childhood fantasies alive! I get how you feel. Santa Claus Village in Finland is your answer.

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Calabar, Nigeria

To make Calabar the top tourist state in Nigeria, Governor Donald Duke set up the Calabar Carnival a.k.a Africa’s Biggest Street Party. Visit their website here to customise your stay & do it for the culture, get a tour guide.


NewYork, USA

Cue music. In New Yorkkkkk, concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there’s nothing you can’t dooo.

Of course you know NY had to make the list. If you are all about the fit fam life, then you should surely be here. You’ll burn all the calories from walking around. PS: keep your fit bit on.


Edinburg, Scotland

Edinburg made the list not just for what you can do on the week of Christmas but more for what you can do the week after. If you are looking to re-enact some scenes from Game of Thrones, then you surely have to be here. Edinburg hosts Homanay, a day where people parade the streets of the city swinging blazing balls of fire over their heads to signify purification.

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Zurich, Switzerland

If shopping is on your list this Christmas, then do it in Zurich. From several Christmas markets and luxury shops, you will definitely get the best Christmas shopping experience

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