Solo Travel Tips For Your First Time

A lot of people are scared of traveling alone and I get it. Being alone in a country you have never lived in before, I mean, how can you possibly get by? It’s absolutely dreadful! That’s exactly how I felt before my first solo trip- Nairobi, Kenya!

I had planned to go to Egypt with a bunch of friends but you know how these things go, something came up for everyone and I was left alone to plan a trip by myself, for myself. The days were passing by so quickly and I was so close to canceling the whole trip and voila! I changed my mind and booked a flight to Nairobi instead.

So if you have trip canceling friends, don’t hold back your travel! These tips will prepare you for your first solo travel

Before Your Decide Where to Go


Once you select a country/location, do your research. As they say, “Knowledge is power”. Plan your days from activities to hotels and even where you’ll like to make new friends (yes, it’s that deep lol). For me, I rely a lot on Google search’s News Tool. I check to ensure it’s safe to visit the country I plan to visit before I book my flight.

These apps are also terrific. I call them solo traveler apps:

Translating Apps like Trip Lingo. Thank me later!

Find & book tours with Peek

Get an idea of how much things cost, city life, the climate and more with FlyingYak

Trip Whistle for Emergency phone numbers

Meet nearby travellers with Backpackr

Once Your Decide Where to Go

Be confident!

At this point, you have done your research, armed yourself with knowledge. Next thing you need is to be confident! You can’t go to another country acting all confused. So chin up and act like a local!

Have a who and where to make friends plan

I try to make friends whenever I solo travel. First point for me are hotel staff, drivers, group tours. Really, it’s in that order. Hotel staff & drivers to confirm my research + also local tips and group tours for instant friendships! It’s easier to meet other foreigners and some locals on group tours and most people are open to making friends so don’t hold back.

The Visiting Nomad, Denys Nsengiyumva

Once You Arrive

Ease into it

Go to your room, relax, re-plan your stay and really just relax. Ease into it all. Ensure you have a few friends you share your travel plan with. Just so people know where you are.

Do not get drunk

You need to be alert at all times so just stay away from the alcohol. It’s all fun and games till you find yourself stuck where you shouldn’t be.

Make friends & have fun!

This is great for all reasons and you also get people to take amazing instagram pictures for you. So why not?


Really don’t forget to have fun. Ditch the books and revel in the experience. The beginning of these trips are solo. By the end, you would have made new friends outside your circle and that’s absolutely beautiful!