Your 1 day Guide in Dubai

I mean, we’re just visiting right?

Let’s just imagine for some reason you are in Dubai for a day.

Got to Dubai in the wee hours of the morning, slept for an hour and went about my jolly day. Here are a few things to do if you only have 24 hours in Dubai

The Emirate Mall.

This was really for window shopping to be honest. I think i only got candles here lool. I had no intention to start a blog when i visited. Just wanted to see all i could in the space of 24 hours. Spotted Ski Dubai in the mall but i was too early and as i had plans to fit all my activities into the time i had, i couldn’t wait.

Burj Khalifa- All 160 storeys of it!

If you are scared of heights, Burj Khalifa isn’t for you. I somehow managed to get to the very top and the view was breathtaking! (i really don’t know what was happening to my picture taking skills)

Underwater zoo

I had so much fun here. From the structure to the different types of fishes. It was splendid!


PS: The most affordable yet comfortable hotel i have been to is Ibis World Trade. My stay in Dubai was for N13,000 a night and it was super comfortable.

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