A Night in San Antonio

San Antonioooooooooooo!

My first visit to San Antonio was from Houston by road! When i visited, blogging was the last thing on my mind I was just looking forward to the experience. This means i might not have all you need but be more than free to drop a comment on places to visit and more.

After being on the road for hours, the plan was to spend a night in San Antonio and do as much as i can. I didn’t do so much but I was so fulfilled by all i did

Joe’s Crab Shack

Joe's Crab Shack
Source: FourSquare

Let’s rewind this for a bit. As a typical Yoruba babe, i was craving pepper/spicy food. Not Tobasco, Glover Court Suya kind of spice. 2 days before i set out, I went to get crabs but somehow ended up at a fine dining restaurant (This is gist for later tbh). Spent about $150 (i think) on my worst crab eating experience. Now for me, I want the whole experience when it comes to crab eating. Cracking shells and all but when my order arrived, They had taken this joy from me. Took out everything but i just tried to play along with it all. I’m the one that forced my way into a fine dining restaurant afterall Sigh!

Fast forward, i’m in San Antonio, the River Walk to be precise and i saw Joe’s Crab Shack!!! *Angels Singing Halleluyah* THIS. IS. THE. BESTTT. It was spicy (definitely not like Glover Court’s) but it helped a lot!

River Walk

River Walk, San Antonio

I learnt a lot at on my ride here. The river boat tour was about $12 and I had the best tour guide ever! He was sooo funny and did so well providing the needed information.

River Walk, San Antonio

The history here is sooo rich and indeed captivating. You can see it all here

River Walk, San Antonio

Meet my tour guide! You can tell he was amazzinnnggg!