These Travel Bloggers Inspire Me

I was not exactly interested in traveling all my life. Fast forward to 2016, my job required me to travel a lot. You know what they say, once you start, you get hooked. It wasn’t exactly instant for me. I just wanted to do my job and move on.

Then I stumbled on and i was like wait a minute, wait a minute! Next thing, I found myself in Dubai (for leisure) and I saw it all from a different perspective. I was hooked. I loved every bit of it.

I went on to look for my Nikon which i had tossed to a corner of my room, packed my bags and went off to Ghana for the 3rd time. This time, solely to document my experience for you!

I did not just wake up knowing what to do but these guys have been absolutely amazing. Some of them don’t even know i stalk them daily! Lol

Meet the Ufuoma

Meet Well Word Heels

Meet the catch me if you can. She visited 112 countries and did 84 in a year!

I’m still discovering more but for now, these women are supertastic! Thanks for all you do!