First Solo Travel to Nairobi, Kenya

My first solo travel and it wasn’t super smooth. Thankfully, I learnt from my mistakes.

First was my decision to travel. I didn’t plan for this trip and made a last minute purchase. I bought my ticket a day before the trip. This means i spent a lot more than i should have!

Luckily for me, i found a low cost hotel which helped! Here’s a chance to learn from my mistakes!

Book your flight on time

Plan, plan, plan! Its key! Last minute decisions can sometimes be painful! *insert numerous voices of professional wailers*

Never visit a local market without a guide!

You can ask the hotel’s receptionist for help. Believe me, it’ll save you some money.

I thought my Naija blood would help. I negotiated items like we learn growing up in Nigeria. Took off 70% of the cost for some items and guess what, i was still cheated! I returned to the hotel and was super glad to show the receptionist (who i was friends with already) all i got. He asked the cost and I almost cried! I got a scarf for 700 Kenyan Shillings after negotiating from 1,400. Turns out they sell to locals for 140KS. This was nothing but pain, true pain!

On the bright side, I met some Maasai people at the Market. They didn’t want pictures so i had to find a way to get the pictures. Safe to say i bought all the jewelry + more in the picture below (asides the spear of course)


Visit the Carnivore!

Related image
Image Source: Kenya 2 Diaspora

If you are not a vegetarian, you should definitely go to the Carnivore! You have all types of exotic meat! From Ostrich to Crocodile.  I got there pretty late and could only try the ostrich. *Whispers* it tasted like regular meat balls.

I really wanted to try the Crocodile but sigh! Some other time, I’m sure.

Go on a Safari Tour! This is a must

I went on a Safari tour at the National Park and it was super! The whole tour took about 7 hours. You have to set out on time if you want to see the wild animals. First animal i saw was the giraffe which was pretty close to the gate. I saw some more- Ostriches, Buffalos, Antelopes, Lions, Rhinos, 1 Hippo just 1 (it was under the water the whole time and i sure wasn’t going to find out if it wanted a selfie) and Zebrassss

Before this trip, i had never seen a lion up close so, as you can imagine, i was super thrilled!



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